Monday, June 8, 2009

You should be dancin', yeah!

So I'm doing laundry the other day and I walk into my room with my arms full of clean laundry to put on the bed and sort. As I come into the room I catch Johanna waving her arms and booty around and watching herself in the mirror. I dump the clothes and look at her. She giggles and runs away. A little while later as I'm walking through the house with another load I see a hair bow look like it's moving on its own out of the corner of my eye. Johanna is in the kitchen sliding around on the floor. I ask, "What are you doing?" and, again, giggles and running out of the room is the answer I get. Later on, I'm laying down on my bed and watching the tube. I hear these muffled grunts and huffs coming from my floor. I sit up and there's Jo watching herself in my floor-length mirror. She's on the floor and doing her version of a move that I call, "Here's My Crotch" from the So You Think You Can Dance show. You can probably figure out what that looks like. Anyhow, when I realized that the new season of SYTYCD is now on, all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fit together...Johanna was dancing! Either she's stopped her "auditioning" or she's gotten better at noticing when I'm in the room.