Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not much to see here, folks

I've been feeling guilty that I haven't posted more blogs, but there really hasn't been that much to report! That'll all come to a change soon since today officially starts the Spring softball season for the adult league and next week is opening weekend for the youth league. Then I just hang on for dear life and try to keep my head above water. This season we're back to 4 kids on 3 divisions (Lorie and Meg are back in the same division). Add in the adult co-ed league and the men's team big Kenny plays on and its "All Softball, All the Time"

On a better note, I have a Jewelry Show next Sunday afternoon and the Hostess is super psyched about it, Monday is Kenny's and my anniversary and then the next Saturday we head down to Florida for our Disney vacation and Spring Break!

Training the new secretary is going okay, I guess. I really enjoy working with this lady. She's super sweet, super nice, funny as anything and thinks I know a lot. It's still a little tender to me that I'm not going to be the one making the decisions and being the go-to girl next year. But that's pride talking, and we all know I've got no shortage of pride!

Being a grown-up bites sometimes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The one, the only...Meagan

My dear sweet middle child. The one I used to call "doe-di-doe" because she just went along with the flow. She's killing me. Seriously. In the mornings as we drive to school, the radio station we listen to has a thing called "the Jr. Joker" where kids call in and tell a joke. Every day it's the same. We'll be driving down the road, the Jr. Joker will come on and tell the joke and then beat...beat...beat and you'll hear an "oh!" and then quiet laughter out of Meg's corner of the car as she finally gets the punch line. And these aren't hard jokes, people. Today's was, "What do you say to the hammerhead shark after a test?" "I don't know, what DO you say to a hammerhead shark after a test?" "You really nailed it!"

Now I wish I could just leave it at that but in writing this post I couldn't remember what the joke was today so I went to the girls' rooms and asked Meg and Lorie if they remembered what the joke was and Meg's response was, "I don't remember it exactly but it had a hammerhead shark and a nail in it and it took me a really long time to get it."

'Nuff said!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updated pictures: snow

Above: These are pictures I just took. In the picture in the post below, the girls are standing right in front of the tree and to the side of the bushes, just to give you some perspective.
Below: I'm attempting to post my snow video again. We'll see if it'll show up.

Snow in Loganville

So yesterday the news was all over this 70% chance of snow, which means that the stores were beyond crowded....bad time to be out of bread and toilet paper!!

This morning it was just raining but the temp was in the low 40s and dropping so I thought I better let the car warm up before I headed out to church. In the 15 minutes my car was warming it went from a light drizzly type rain, to freezing rain/sleet! I don't like driving in that kind of stuff! Anyhow 2 hours later we left church to snow covering everything and coming down in big ole snowflakes. The winds were blowing pretty hard so it was sheets of snow blowing straight at you. The girls were so excited during the drive home...I was petrified. Both of my driving skills on icy roads but also because Kenny is driving a group of 30, including kids and sponsors, home from the youth convention on Hilton Head Island. I wanted to call and see where he was but didn't want him talking while he was driving. I did call one of the sponsors and she said that they were about an hour outside of Macon so they'll hopefully be home in 2-3 hours.
In the meantime I'm sopping up water from snow that blew in through the cracks around the doors and the girls are out making a snowman (I had to stop them from coming inside to blowdry their shoes and mittens because of the stink, however. Not going to win Mom of the Year!).
Kenny just called to let me know that they made it to the church parking lot safe and sound. He said that the last two hours of driving have been "interesting". I'm sure! As I've flipped channels on teh Tube, any time I've been on a local station, there's been a scrolling thing listing all the traffic accidents. I'm glad they've made it this far, but I'll feel better when they walk in the front door!