Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shall we dance?

My baby is growing up so fast! Lorie is at her school's 8th grade dance. (Kenny wasn't interested in attending when he was in 8th grade.) This is our family's first "major" dance. We went out and got a new dress. (We'd just finished getting the shoes when I got the call about little Kenny's accident.)  I'm just about to go pick her up. We stopped by the ballfield so that big Kenny could see her before she left, so she got to see some of her ball friends that don't go to her school. I know she felt beautiful. I was so proud of her when I dropped her off...especially after seeing some of the stripper shoes and taa-taas on display from some of the other young ladies being dropped off. When we got the dress she said she felt like Cinderella. Awww...she's definitely a keeper.

My man's a College Grad!

23 years after graduating from high school, Kenny is now a college graduate! I know his mom and dad are so very pleased and proud, the kids and I are a close second. He's now working on a Master's in Religion and then will pursue his Master's in Divinity. Who knows? He may end up with a Doctorate one day? He's really enjoying his classes (well, not so sure he enjoyed English all that much). If he holds to the course he's setting now, he'll get his
Master's the same time little Kenny's getting his high school degree.
He's quite a guy!!

The words you don't want to hear

"Kenny's had a little accident." Oh, I wish I had been paying more attention and maybe I would have heard something in his voice to give me a heads up about what had happened. Actually the conversation started like this...

"Tracy, where are you?"
"I'm on my way to Burger King to get dinner before Lorie's class."
"Kenny's had a little accident. Can you come get the girls? They're stuck in the car while I deal with it."

So off I drive to the "little accident" site. As I'm driving through the back roads of Conyers I can remember telling Lorie to keep an eye on the sides of the road so I didn't accidentally pass them. I
should have known better. As I get closer to the main intersection
in town I can see emergency vehicles and my heart jumped into my throat. I zoomed across the intersection noting an ambulance, fire engine and police cars; little Kenny's truck and another huge truck and lots of glass all over the place. I drove into a nearby Eckerd's parking lot, told Lorie to keep still and ran to the middle of the intersection. As I was running I finally focused onto little Kenny's head in the bundle of people and realized he was upright and seemed okay. I got to my boy, did a quick frisk and pulled him into a major mom hug. Scared the total hoo-ha out of it, it did.

He'd been trying to keep up with big Kenny. They were all heading
to Chick-fil-A for dinner and then to a ball park on the southside of town for the men's team game. Kenny was driving his truck so he could pick Lorie up from her acting class and help me out. That intersection was where his knowlege of where to go stopped so when big Kenny turned left, little Kenny just followed and ended up plowing into an F250. The other driver ended up being transported to the hospital to get checked out after he noted to a paramedic that his back was hurting. Little Kenny broke down a little when I got there, a little while he was telling me what happened and really had a hard time when they strapped the other driver into the backbrace.

I think he's got a better appreciation for airbags now, seeing that he walked away from his truck being totaled with just some airbag burns and his knee being scratched up a bit from where it hit something.

Adding insult to injury, the accident happened at a major intersection in town so not only did we have a church member suddenly appear beside us at the accident site, but people were calling, emailing and Facebooking comments AND his classmates at school would come by and say they saw it! Bless his heart!