Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poop, friends, maturity...pretty much a Rant-fest!

If you didn’t know it, I’m here to tell you, your poop doesn’t smell like roses. No one’s does. And when you do “take care of business”, it’s kind of appropriate to flush and, hopefully, spray some air freshener or open a window. When you don’t flush or when you don’t spray air freshener then a whole bunch of other people get to deal with your crap. And that ain’t right. Just sayin’. When you’ve done stunk up a place, that’s when you need your friends. (And, case you don’t speak Tracy, while it applies literally, the “poop” I’m referring to is when you screw up.)

Now, let’s get something straight. A friend isn’t someone who tells you that your poop don’t stink. A real friend is someone who reminds you to flush and suggests that some Lysol would cover over a multitude of sins. (And a best friend goes and gets the Lysol for you!) There are way too many people who think that if someone holds you accountable for your slip-ups, that they aren’t a “real” friend. Honey, I’m here to tell you, we got enough people willing to blow smoke up your butt about your dumb decisions. A real friend? Tells you when you are about to do something stupid (or that you DID do something stupid), loves you just the same and then supports you as you dig yourself out of the hole you dug for yourself. Just sayin'. They DON’T tell you that what you did smells like roses. I see too many people standing around in stinkiness pretending it smells GREAT and talking about how everyone else is mean.

If you want someone who is only going to tell you how wonderful you are, how funny you are, how everyone else just doesn’t “understand you”, how everything you do and say is fine and everyone else should just “get over it”…well, that’s not a friend. That’s a fan. And you’ll be headed to hell in a handbasket with your fan club. And they’ll probably still be telling you what an awesome person you are. Just sayin.'

Good heavens. Do I like it when someone comes and tells me that I screwed up? Heck, no!  But I’d rather learn from my mistakes and actually, ya know, GROW so I don’t end up as a 45-50-60-70 year old woman with an 11-year old maturity level! Just sayin'.

Sure there are people who love nothing more than to tear you down just because it makes them feel good. But remember that there are also people who think that you are an actual adult and willing to take responsibility for your actions. So, maybe when you are hearing people talk negatively something you do or say, instead of gathering up your fans (remember, they AIN’T your friends!) and letting them smooth over your ruffled feathers, find some real friends, people that can stand up to your annoyance with them when they tell you that you’ve gotten off kilter. If THEY say there’s nothing there…let it go. But if they say, “yep, you screwed up” or “I’ve noticed you have a problem with this”, then it’s time for a little reflection, prayer, and time in the Word while you let God grow you up a bit.

Listen, if the only mistakes you own up to are the ones that YOU acknowledge, you are probably missing 90% of the crap you are throwing out at people. Just sayin'.

I’m not a teenager so surrounding myself with people who make my ego feel good is pretty stupid. (And seeing so many other adults who only surround themselves with fans...it's confirmed that it is VERY stupid.) I want friends who make me laugh, who I can talk to about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and who will keep me pointed to Him by letting me know when I’ve gotten off track. In other words, I need to know that when my poop stinks…someone who's gonna point it out AND expect me to do something about it. If you don’t have anyone in your life that holds you accountable for the stinky stuff you do and say, you need to get some. You need to take a good hard look at who you are surrounding yourself with and realize that you aren’t doing yourself any favors by keeping your fans entertained with your antics.

Just sayin’…

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coming to you from the Blahs!

You ever get the blahs where nothing seems to float your boat? Yep, that's me right now. I'm pretty much not excited about anything. I have so much to do but I just cannot seem to get myself in gear.

Today I started out okay. I got myself out of bed vaguely on time and got to work on time, so that was good. Then I started bustling around working on the 90+ items of technology inventory that I couldn't find or have access to when I came to the school over spring break. Sadly a lot of these teachers have no idea what they have or don't have (a lot because their classroom closets look like they are hoarders! Seriously! Open the closet and it is packed floor to ceiling with stuff!!). Anyhow about an hour into my venture I finished as much as I could in the main building and decided to go back to my office and start updating the information that I had before moving to the other buildings. That's when I realized that I didn't jingle anymore. No, I'm not trying out for the part of Mrs. Claus. I wear my school keys on a clip on my pants so they jingle when I walk. At some point in the last hour in the 20 classrooms that I'd visited, I laid my keys down. Crap. And it's not just the master keys to this school on that key ring, it's also the keys to Edwards Middle! So I retraced my steps. And retraced my steps. I went to every classroom and asked. I finally found them in the server room in the media center after I'd gone there THREE DIFFERENT TIMES!!! So nice to know that everyone in this school has to think I'm a dingbat!! And, yes, this is the school that I've locked myself out of my office five times so far this semester. I did NOT tell the custodians that I'd lost my keys!!

Anyhow, time has marched on and I need to go peek in the 5th grade and 2nd grade classrooms now that they are at lunch and at specials respectively and try to wrap up their missing inventory. Grrr...

At least it stopped pouring rain for a moment. That was actually kind of nice. I'm in my office, got my favorite 80's Big Hair Bands playing on iTunes and then I heard the rain. It was kind of calming, to be honest.

But back to work!! Blech...blahs!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Daniel Plan...day 40

Well, I'm a bit embarrassed. This didn't go as planned, that's for sure. I ended up only losing 8lbs. I know that this program could have really made some changes in me and how I view food and exercise, but, if I'm being honest, didn't give it the chance it deserved.

The food part I think I came to an understanding with. I understand so much better the absolute yuck that I was putting in my body on a daily (and sometimes, hourly) basis so if I look at it in that light, it was truly worth it.

It also gave Meg and I something to work on together, so that was a good thing, too.

However, our small group study bombed. We are too busy. We only met two times in the past 6 weeks because of how busy we all are. Meg and I tried to continue it, but that was kind of hard. I could have pushed the situation (and probably should have since I'm the parent) but I didn't want her to resent the Bible study.

I did have the journal but only filled it out one time, I think.

And exercise. Hmmm... I can't really say anything because I'm not. Exercising, I mean.

Today is not a good day to actually be review this because I'm already battle some depression that comes with a visit from Aunt Flo. Add in a situation where I feel mentally and spiritually beat up and some being under the weather physically because of the heavy pollen count and you have one majorly grumpy, whiney, ready-to-cry-at-any-moment Tracy.

I'm going to step back, review what I did right and what I could have done better and then look at my calendar and pencil in a time to try this again. Maybe this time I'll join a Facebook or online group. I don't know. Maybe I'll just not do anything.

See? Whiney-butt!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The day I almost safety pinned my keister

So I have this pair of pants where the button has fallen off and in its place I have a safety pin. I know I should either fix the button or I shouldn’t wear the pants. However, this girl doesn't sew much and it’s hard to find pants that fit. That combination tells you why I wear the pants the way I do. Now, I tried wearing them as is and found out the hard way that the zipper keeps falling down without something at the top providing closure. Hence the safety pin.

My normal “bathroom routine” with these pants is where I ran into my problem. I usually unclip the safety pin and leave it open but still attached to the pants. I’m usually really careful to keep half an eye on the pin so I don’t accidentally scratch the snot out of my leg. Today…well, I wasn’t so careful.

Today after I took care of business and was putting myself back together…no pin. I looked around on the ground but didn’t see it. I started to carry on with my day and just figured I’d have to be extra cautious about my zipper when it dawned on me. The zipper came into the stall with me. It’s not on the floor. That means that there is an opened safety pin pulled up inside my pants. Well, THAT can’t end up well!

I dropped drawer again and gave everything a good shake. I then heard the “clink” of metal hitting the floor and there was my safety pin.

I can’t believe I almost safety pinned my keister!