Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yes, I had blonde hair

Found this in my Draft folder. Wonder why I didn't publish it...Hmm....

Yesterday I scanned in and uploaded to Facebook several old photos of myself. Some of my kids were taken aback that I had blonde hair. I know we'd had conversations before where I'd said that I'd had blonde hair as a child, but I guess seeing is believing or they didn't think when I said "blonde" that I meant "blonde". There were times when Lori and I were almost white-blonde! Daughter Lorie kept saying that, "you were really, really blonde, Mom." Um, yeah! I told you!

Luckily my sister Lori has an excellent sense of humor since most of those pictures included her. Paybacks can be interesting, and Lori has one of those brains that go "where no man has gone before" so I'm not ruling out getting on Facebook in the future to be confronted with something.


I've been so tired lately. I just came off of a full week Break, too. I should be rested and raring to go. Maybe I have too MUCH to be focused on and that's why I feel so exhausted. Maybe it's because all I do is "rest" and so I'm getting too much rest? Maybe my medication is off...

I'm trying to get myself together because tonight? I'm going to the Bon Jovi concert! I'm shaking in my seat with excitement. So glad I'm going with two other ladies of my age group that I can feel no shame in Squeeing to my heart's delight. One of my friends is bring her 11-year old son. Hope we don't embarrass him too much. But he's lived his whole life with his mom who is a die-hard JBJ fan.

Hot Potato was funny last night. "That's tomorrow night?" and "Who are you going with again?" On my honor, I solemnly swear that I will come home with all the underclothing I wear out the door. I promise not to make the 10 (or 11) o'clock news for my behavior and I will not check my Pastor's Wife license at the door.

I hope there are females dressed like they were at the Def Leppard/Poison/Cheap Trick concert I went to for my 40th birthday. That was some funny snarking! Poo...just realized that I came away from that concert without a concert T-shirt. How did that happen? I've already paid for my JBJ concert T-shirt so no problem there. I promise to post a picture of me in my T!

One more time for the road...SQUEE!!!!!