Thursday, February 10, 2011

New year, running in place

Last post was in June, now it's 8 months later and part of me can't think of anything that's changed but then...doesn't everything change? We're on the cusp of some major changes: Lorie is finishing up her driving school time and takes her test at the beginning of March. Dayannah (we have a "new child." Dayannah came to live with us on July 5. She was just going to be here until she figured out what to do as her former living arrangement blew up in her face. But she is now part of the family and we are looking into adopting her!)  is carrying a full load at Luther Rice and got a job on-campus in the library. "Little" Kenny is finishing up his senior year in high school with an unclear path of what's in front of him. Meg is about to finish her time in middle school and heads to the "big league" of high school in August. Jo is still trying to figure out her place among her friends and even in the family. Being the baby is not much fun, apparently, and most of her friends have started blossoming, leaving her wondering why everyone's changed so much.

I had to get used to a new ITS at work (she's lovely, by the way) and increased non-job duties. Two hours of my day are spent supervising students (30 morning bus duty and 1.5 hr lunch monitoring). It's a humbling thought to know that your job is so unimportant that you are pulled to monitor chaos. Self-preservation has me wearing ear plugs and I've had to take the approach that as long as they are throwing food or hurting each other, everything else is okay. I used to drive myself nuts over the noise and disrespect and the unclear expectations over what is and isn't acceptable (and how we are supposed to manage behavior), but I can't handle that kind of stress in my world.

So, I guess there have been changes. But being on the edge of HUGE changes in the few months kind of colors my view, I guess.