Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

What a way to end 2007! Kenny's driving back from Florida after helping a family from the softball program through the death in the family, the church is having their "family" New Year's Eve party, but the teens decided to have their own party, and I'm the bad guy because I wanted to have a family New Year's Eve and if I go to the church 2 of my kids won't be with me all evening. Sheesh! And to top it off I'm in the middle of the monthly thing and I have work to "look forward" to on Wednesday. I know I shouldn't be griping, but having a bit of the "loll around life" for the past week really makes me want to, well, loll around! Unfortunately, no one pays for that!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

December Days

Yesterday was Katie Cannon's wedding day. Katie and her family were our first supporters (Ken and Sandra not-withstanding) when we started at Bethel. When we went to Mom and Bill's wedding the summer after Kenny took the job with Bethel, Katie came with us to "man" the kids since Kenny and I would be busy with wedding stuff. Jo was almost 4, Meg 6, Lorie 7 and little Kenny 11. (I think that's right, I get goofy trying to figure out ages. It was the summer before preschool/1st/3rd and 5th for sure). Anyhow, the man Katie married goes to a nice sized church, and since Katie's family is in the photography business, they have bunches of people they wanted to invite. So the wedding was held at Jonathan's home church in Rutledge. Good thing too! It was standing room only!! One of my favorite parts of the wedding was watching Katie's eyes pop a bit when she came through the door into the sanctuary and saw the crowd. :)

I did the dancing thing, against my better judgement, but with the pushing and shoving of some of the teens I couldn't NOT dance. Well, wiggle embarrassingly (but not like Elaine Beniss from Seinfeld fame...well, not much like her dancing style). I was able to get Meg on the dance floor and made sure she got some laughs and fun. She didn't feel comfortable hanging with Lorie and her friends and Meg's weren't out and about. Johanna had passed out from antihistimines (that's a long story for another blog). Little Kenny and I had our first, albeit uncomfortable, dance. Kind of cracked me up.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Legos and band auditions

Another busy Saturday at the Stokes' house. Lorie and Meagan both are on school teams for the FIRST Lego League ( that went to the regional qualifier today. Neither team ended up qualifiying for state, but Lorie's team won first place (and a trophy) for the research part. I felt badly for Meagan because she's always sure that she's going to win something and her teams ususally don't do very well. I don't know why that is. If she's on a team that does well, it's always such a surprise.

We're about to go out on our "B" night. Someone gave us a gift certificate package for Stevi B's and then we're going to use movie gift certificates that Lori gave me to watch the Bee Movie.

Tomorrow is church, choir practice and then a party for one of the kids' friends. It's a Treasure Hunt theme and all four kids are invited, so I'm using that time to work on the hosue and to get things squared away for next week! Time to get them ducks in a row!!!