Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall, fall, fall

It must be fall...the weather is turning cooler, if not downright cold, and Halloween is right around the corner. Right now I've got a definite case of the blahs. It's hard to get excited about anything and I seem to be able to find fault with EVERYTHING! If I dressed up as a Whiney-Butt for Halloween, I'm afraid I'd just have to dress as myself. What's even worse is that I can't stand to be around people who act like I am! Guess I need to figure out how to get my act together...get those ducks in a row...and all those other cliches that mean "for crying out loud, put your big girl panties on and deal with already!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sleep! I just want to sleep!

It seems like all I ever do is sleep. I'm afraid my kids' memories of me will all center around me being in bed. It just seems like I'm always exhausted.

I went in for my thyroid check-up and according to those levels, I should be feel quite perky! (I found out in the spring that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which means that my thyroid antibodies attach and destroy my thyroid hormones. The symptoms of which were all things that the principal had mentioned having a problem with so if I'd found out about the H.T. sooner, I might not have lost my other position. Dang it.) I shouldn't be as draggy as I am and I shouldn't be bothered by temperature like I am. They suggested getting my iron levels checked to be sure I haven't developed anemia. Great...just what I want more needles stuck in me.

Plus, there's the whole exercise thing. I cannot escape the fact that I resemble a Weeble when I walk. (you know, "Weeble wobble but they won't fall down.) I just wish I wasn't such a procrasinator/exercise-weenie. I hate exercising because it makes my legs and rear itch so badly. Plus, if you exercise properly you will sweat. If you sweat, you will stink. If you stink you need to shower. And I don't have that kind of block time! Now, I realize that really sounds like a load of bad excuses, but they really are valid when you think about them. Of course, I have my kids and their bad habits (modeled after my own) staring me in the face begging me to make a difference.

It really stinks being an adult sometimes. As a child you are told what to do and you can choose to do it or not and face the consequences...but, hey, you're a child. You have an instant "out." But as an adult, knowing what you are supposed to do and not doing it affects your kids, too.