Monday, June 16, 2014

What a day! What a night!

So today was errand day. It's been a long time since I ran errands with a baby, but I figured that since Gloria is a very mild-mannered and good-natured child, and since I was bringing Jo along for the ride, it would all work out well.

We went first to RCPS's Information Technology offices to turn in my work kit. She flirted and batted her eyes and generally made herself  Miss Cutesy-pie. Next we went to the Warehouse to check out the desks they had in stock for my new office. (Oh, didn't you know? I'm not returning to the INTEL position. This girl is going to be the principal's secretary for Heritage High School next year! Yeppers!) She immediately went in to Miss Precious Mode and had the Maintenance secretary wrapped around her finger and then went on to be cute for the Purchasing secretary. (Found a desk, by the way.) Back in the car seat and off we drive to Heritage to check with the bookkeeper and let her know we'd found a desk and to measure my window for curtains. While we were talking at Heritage, Little Bit jabbered and cooed and generally made a sweetie of herself. Seriously...totally amazed at how good-natured she was! Anyhow, back in the car again and a trip to Lifeway, Staples, Schoolbox, and Pier One Imports. Then we decided we were famished so off to Zaxby's we go. That's where the poo hit the fan. She was hungry, too. Jo had to get into her bag and put together a bottle. She finished it off on the way home from Zaxby's.

So imagine it, Jo and I are sitting on the bed with our Zaxby's. We've got Gloria propped up between us with a cookie. We are all eating. We are all happy with the world. Then Gloria gets too much cookie in her throat and starts gagging and choking. I'm using my Zaxby's fry salted finger to try to sweep out her mouth, she's gagging but also smacking at the salt. Finally it comes up (along with some of her bottle) and I'm hold a bib full of tossed up cookie and formula asking Jo for help.

The excitement of it all...but at least the sheets got changed!

Anyhow, fast forward to early evening. Kim's come by for Gloria and plans for me for get the cake and decorations for Brad and Barbie's surprise 50th party are set. I've told everyone that I need to leave at 5:15 and need help since I have to get a cake from Walmart and balloons from Party City and it's 97 degrees outside. Kenny3 hasn't taken a shower yet and Lorie had worked from 10-4 and wanted to take another one. That left Jo to be my grunt. So off we go at 5:18 and then Kenny drives up. A quick reconnoiter (did I spell that right? Did I USE that right?!) and he's up to date on plans and off we go, later than I'd planned and praying fiercely because, well, it's me and things don't usually work out the way I plan. We go to Party City first and get the balloons purchased and stand in line to get them blown up. Jo agrees to stay at Party City while I run to Walmart.  I get the first parking space in the row by the door! Unfortunately, inside Walmart, however, there's no one in the bakery. No worries, well, lots of worries, but I'm going to try not to worry. I go to the card section and am slightly nauseated over the stupid cards but then fall into two I can get behind. card section. IHOP, it is. Then I run into a Walmart associate who find the bakery person who gets me the cake and we are golden! Lines freakin' way! I am behind someone in the 20 items or less line who actually has less than 20 items! I'm walking out the door in no time. At the car I can hear my phone ringing but as I'm juggling a cake and the package with the card, my keys and my wallet, I choose to get the cake in the car safely. Unfortunately, as I'm juggling, I drop my wallet and stuff falls everywhere. I hurriedly pick it up, throw it in the foot well (is that what it's called?) and jump in the driver's seat as my phone rings again. It's Jo. She's done at Party City. I drive over and get her and we are at Golden Corral before the 6:30 deadline!

So we are at Golden Corral and I dig out the cards and then go to my wallet for the gift cards. No gift cards. Crap! I probably dropped them in the Walmart parking lot and they are now in my car. Kenny3 and Lorie are sent out to find them. I finish putting out the cake and stuff and then go out to the parking lot to see that, darn it all, the gift cards aren't there. Lorie and I jump in the card and drive back to Walmart. As I'm getting closer to where I'd parked my car the first time, I can see the gift cards on the ground. I'm freaking out inside my car, which in turn, freaks out the father who has just gotten his toddler daughter out of the car that my car is now heading towards. I roll down the window and start babbling about what was happening as Lorie gets out of the car and picks up not only the two gift cards, but the Band Value card and...oh my debit card!!!!

And we made it back to Golden Corral by 6:45.

Does that deserve a "What a day! What a night!" or what?!!