Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Concert mode

As we head into December, that can only mean one, not panic that I haven't bought any presents yet (that panic will hit the week of Christmas)'s concert time!

The season usually kicks off with the annual Hometown Holiday parade in downtown Conyers. The church always put a float in. The parade is directly followed by the Tree Lighting in front of the courthouse. Guess where the parade doesn't end? Which means whichever child is performing at the tree lighting (they invite schools and area dance studios to come out) has to be hustled from the high school where the parade DOES end, down backroads back to the courthouse and try to get there on time. Usually as school staff personnel, I've been roped into being a child corraler for the school's chorus, too. Last year we decided the better course of action would be to stop the float momentarily on the parade route and have Jo and me hop out. Easier said than done for Miss Graceless here. Apparently the sight of me hopping over the side of the float last year was truly a wonder to behold as year later I'm STILL getting Lorie's eyebrow popping up when she talks about it. In my head, of course, I looked like a gazelle I tell you!

This year I lucked out. No one is involved in any dance troupe/class and Jo's elementary school teacher is out on maternity leave. It was lovely to ride the float without worrying about time, get off the float at the high school, go my car and drive home...especially given the temperatures. Visions of Lorie's almost frostbitten feet one year after walking through a wet parade route and then singing in freezing temperatures still haunt me.

Monday and Tuesday the high school had their Prism Concert, which is their name for the fine arts showcase. I went on Tuesday and was so impressed with the performers. It really was beautiful. It could have been so much better if the audience had behaved better. I don't think I'll ever understand how you can go to a performance and talk the whole time, or burst out laughing at inappropriate areas, or spend the entire time texting! Seriously, one teen behind me would talk louder when the music got louder! Then he decided that it was necessary to whistle to get the attention of a girl in the audience! But it wasn't just was adults, too. Listen, I like a cute kid as much as the next person...but I came to listen to the performance not your kid hitting a toy or cup against something or jabber and have you jabber back to them. It boggles my mind that people cannot go to a performance and let the performers have their attention! But off the soapbox.

Next Monday and Tuesday I have the middle school band and chorus concerts to attend. Those are always lessons in futility. I support my kids and support the fine arts in the schools, but those performances are usually things only a mom can handle. :)

Follow the middle school concerts with the adult choir performance on the 20th and then I'm footloose and fancy-free. Guess that means I won't have any more excuses to not shop!