Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poo bomb

My Facebook status read, " I didn't ever care to know what would happen if a piece of dog poo fell from about 3 feet in the air and hit a shoe in mid-stride as one hustled a dog outside. But I know now...and I really truly could have lived a rich, full life without that knowledge!" TMI? Maybe. Graphic? Not as graphic as I could have gone. However, as I explained further down in the comments from that status, the answer is that what happens is that the poo explodes into a thousand jillion little poopie pieces. Okay, so that was a little graphic. Be glad there is not Smell in your computer screen. Words CANNOT describe.

We are, as you probably guessed, trying to potty train the dog. Success is limited at best. I'm starting to feel that I need to edit the Borg tagline so it reads, "Success is futile." How many times have I caught that dog mid-squat and ran him out the door only to have him run around the yard for the next hour with no deposits? Well, no deposits until he comes inside and there, "Hoot, there it is!"

I am determined, however, to win the Battle of Poo. I am a worthy opponent, as this Yorkie Terrorist that we have brought into our family will so realize. Everyone in my family already knows, and soon so shall he...I always win.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh my aching everything

I don't know why I do it. I get these "great" ideas and sometimes, not very often, they actually come into fruition. And then I pay! And I usually pay good.

So it's Thanksgiving Break and I was determined that the Break would not be one be screen-fest where everyone spends the entire time on the computer or watching the Tube. First of all, not very "family" and secondly, everyone seems to get into a moody funk staring at a screen all day. That's not to say that tons of screen time has not been spent.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Me being an achy mess. I've been talking about painting for awhile. With the exception of bedrooms and one bathroom, the major part of our learning space (kitchen, dining, family rooms and entryway) has been pumpkin colored. Well, technically it was very dirty pumpkin. So I took the bullet by the hand (don't think that's the correct phrase) and went and bought paint. I was going for a sage green (because I love those dusky, fall-y colors) for the entry and below chairrail in the dining area and then a cream for above the chairrail and kitchen. Then I was going to finally put up my piggy border in the kitchen. I'd only bought it 6-7 years ago...not that long ago as I fly. So the first day we concentrated on the green. I asked for a stepladder which none of the kids could find so I ended up cutting in the ceiling and top 1/3 of the walls on my tip-toes. (You have to be specific with my kids as there was a perfectly good ladder in the garage. My fault for not checking myself!) So now I can't move without groaning. I can sit, stand, walk, stretch, nada without a groan accompanying it.

But my entryway, dining area and kitchen look great. :) I think I'll try to con a kid into helping (read: do the bulk of the work) me paint the living room on Friday.