Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, I tried

What is about blogging that demands so much discipline? How hard can it be to simply write down your thoughts periodically? Apparently, it takes a lot of discipline as most of my blogs are apologies for the big blocks of time between blogs!

What's new? I actually did something. I didn't just think about, mull it over and then whoops! deadline passed...I did something. The school offered a Biggest Loser competition and I joined it. Not with any hope of actually winning, especially once I found out that the winner was based on poundage lost, not percentage of body weight lost. I wanted to get something started that I obviously couldn't do for myself. I've joined gyms in the past...and then not gone. I have all sorts of exercise DVDs that I don't use and even have a stationary bike which has been moved to Lorie's room, where I don't think it's getting anymore use than it did when it was in my room. I figured joining the B.L. would give me the motivation to actually do something since if I didn't show up for workouts (twice a week), someone was going to want to know what was going on. If I had a cruddy lunch, I would have to explain myself to someone. And since we weigh in every week...total accountability! So far I've lost 5 lbs...but call foul on this last week's weighin. My scale at home has been about 2 lbs off of the school's scale this entire time. This week it showed that I lost 4 lbs but the school scale said I didn't lose anything! Add to the confusion that I went to the doctor that same day and my weight was 4 lbs less than the school's scale! I'm trying to suck it up (obviously not very well since it's the next day and I'm still whining about it) and move on knowing that once this 8 week B.L. thing is over...I get to use MY scale! :)