Saturday, July 12, 2014

Last days of summer...

Okay, so I know how ridiculous that reads seeing that it's only July 12th. But tomorrow is the last day of MY summer. I start work on Monday at my new position with the school system! I'm super excited...and super scared. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do exactly in my new position. My title is Principal's Secretary (so fancy-schmancy!) and I'll also be helping with the athletic director, but what my actual day-to-day responsibilities will look like are up in the air.


Sorry, had to do that. I'm all goose-pimply and giddy as I type this out!

It's been a pretty nifty 6 weeks since my last day of work as an INTEL last school year. I've really enjoyed having my Kenny-bear and Lorie-lou home. We had a fantabulous time at our family Beach Week and VBS turned out pretty ding-dang-dong nice. (All that hand-wringing was pretty worthless...wish I'd get that through my head.)

Now I've got to get myself together for the school year. New job and new responsibility with the kids' marching band (I usually just chaperone...this year I'm the Band Booster Secretary) will add some stress until I get into a new routine but I'm ready to get going. 

I'm going to attempt the Daniel Plan again in August. About 9 people from the church are going to join me on the journey this time. We've chosen a time that can't get messed with because it's just before the church's Prayer Time and it's before fall ball starts. I'm hoping between that and my Planet Fitness membership, that I get a good jumpstart on my health.

I also figured out that if I continue the course with my school work and include summer courses next summer, that I will graduate with my B.A. in Religion/Biblical Counseling in May 2016!

But for now...I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow. I've attempted the Pinterest Listerine foot soak with Listerine/Vinegar and water. It does NOT make your nasty calluses sloughed off but it did make using the pumice stone on those areas a bit more effective. I'm about to go soak in the tub  before making a date with Mr. Nyquil. I've gotten a bit of a cough/cold from Kenny and am pretty sick of it. So soak (to help me unwind), Mr. Nyquil within and Mr. Vicks Rub without and nighty-night time it is!

Hoping I can be a little more disciplined on the blog. I did pretty well there for awhile. But not so much lately. Sure is fun to go back and read some of the things I thought worth posting over the years! Well, fun for ME. Probably pretty boring for anyone else.